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If you are searching the web for a top quality hammock then Marañon Hammocks is here for you. We produce our own Hammocks and Hanging Chairs in South and Middle America. We also specialize in European designed and manufactured Hammock Stands and Hammock Accessories. Come and visit our store on Bonaire (open during the winter) or in The Netherlands (open during the summer) and try your favorite hammock and hanging chair model. 

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Located in The Netherlands and open during summer the entire summer season, is our hammock store. Europe's biggest hammock dedicated retail outlet. During the winter our hammock store on Bonaire is open. The 'Marañon' Hammock shop have been in existence since 1981. With more than three decades of experience in the industry, the shop only provides shoppers with the most reliable and comfortable hammocks, hanging chairs, stands, mosquito nets, and accessories. All the items are shipped from our store and depot in Aalsmeer and these are guaranteed to be of first class quality.

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There are two things that experts advise when you are shopping for a hammock. When purchasing one, you need to pay close attention to the width and the number of tension ropes.

The Width of the Hammock:

The width is relevant to provide you with comfort and ensures durability. With a wide hammock, you can use it at an angle, diagonal, or perhaps across, allowing your body to spread out the hammock. This enables you to lie flat for better support and even weight distribution, hammock rainbow gigantemaking it truly comfortable when lying down. If your height is up to 1.75 m (5’9”), the most suitable width is at least 165 cm (65 inches). For those who are up to 1.95 m (6’5”), wider hammocks with at least 185 cm (73 inches) are recommended. For taller individuals, more than 1.95 m (6’5’’), the Rainbow Gigante Hammock with a width of at least 195 cm (76 inches) is the best hammock for optimum comfort.

Due to huge demands from the public we are introduced  hammocks for small spaces. Hammock Short RainbowThis collection is called the Short Hammock and features short but spacious hammocks without compromising comfort. These indoor hammock models are perfect for balconies, small rooms and on board boats and ships.

The Number of Hammock Tension Ropes:

At Marañon Hammocks, our hammocks have a carrying capacity of about 220 kg (440 lbs) with 24 double ropes at each side of the hammock. Our XL Hammocks have a 250 kg (551 lbs) weight capacity while the Rainbow Gigante features a 300 kg (661 lbs) weight capacity, both with 30 double ropes at each side of the hammock. The weight capacity, width, and number of tension ropes are all detailed on the individual product pages here on the site. You will also find single Hammocks with 120 kg (265 lbs) capacity such as the Yaguas (M) and the Mompox series. 

Buy your favorite hammock chairs

Are you looking for a top quality hanging chair? Take a look at our Brazilian hammock chairs. These are of very high quality and are super comfortable. Most of our Brazilian hammock chairs come with two cushions and a bamboo spreader bar. Another heavy favourite is the colourful Lazy Rezt XL hanging chair collection.Hanging Chair Lazy Rezt. These cotton-made, colourful hanging chairs can be fixed on a wooden beam or a tree very easily. Every hanging chair comes with a wooden spreader and 2 matching cushion covers.

Maranon mosquito net Collection, protect yourself against mosquitoes!

Maranon is already a mosquito net specialist since 1981. Are you looking for a cotton mosquito net or a high quality synthetic mosquito net then you are at the right place. The mosquito nets are available in different sizes and design. Order a mosquito net at Maranon to protect yourself against mosquitoes.

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