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Double round knot with two half hitches

hammock rope technique

Regularly check the attachments points on solidity.

DO NOT IMPROVISE: use safe knots.

Use strong rope 12 mm polypropylene or 12 mm hempex.

Never use “NYLON rope on a “NYLON” hammock”

Safety knot (prevents wear and tear)The sheetbend knot

Sheetbend knot technique that prevents wear and tear of the Hammock loop.

Check the attachments regularly on solidity.


If you’re only going to learn one knot in your life, here it is!
hammock ropesThe bowline is a very versatile knot, it does not slip if it´s well done. It is used to form a temporary loop in a line which you can easily attach to one of our hammock hooks. It can also be used to attach a line to a beam, (branch of) a tree or anywhere else where you want to hang your hammock. This knot won’t slip or jam and can be untied easily.hammock ropes