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Showing all 6 results

Buy a baby and kids hammock at Maranon

The baby can use the hammock from birth. Baby hammocks are used for about 6 months and are very good for the rhythmic balance of your baby. The gentle swing motion, which results in respiratory stimulation, stimulates the equilibrium organs and has a positive effect on the development of your baby. Because the back is not completely stretched, this is the same attitude as the fetus posture. Make sure the baby is always warm. Lovely cool in summer but too cold in winter. The baby hammock can be used until the baby is crawling and when the baby can walk, he can be in a kids hammock.

All Maranon baby hammocks are of very high quality and can be washed at high temperature in the washing machine. In 1992 we started producing baby hammocks in Brazil and Colombia, these are the countries where the best hammocks come from. Our baby hammocks have a length of 150 cm so that they can be hung in the playpen with the supplied ropes. Baby hammocks longer than 150 cm do not fit in the box! The fabric is 100 cm wide and 100 cm long, allowing the baby to lie across the hammock.

The children’s hammocks and hanging chairs are from about two years. You can use the hammock and chair for children when the child can walk. Then he realizes that he can fall out and then use the hammock to relax or play.