Brazilian hammocks

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Showing 1–18 of 35 results

What makes a Brazilian hammock so different from a “regular” hammock? Our hammocks from Brazil are made with care, from the best quality cotton. And you will notice it! The hammocks are incredibly strong. we use a first class cotton for the tension wires at the ends and make sure there are enough tension wires. Our size large has 24 (48 single) double tension wires, our XL has 32(64) single) double tension wires and our exceptionally large Gigante even 40 (80 single) double tension wires. The ends are finished with macramé, which, together with the high number of tension wires, ensures a high load capacity and an optimal distribution of your body weight and therefore a high lying comfort. The macrame finish also creates a luxurious look and is the hallmark of the true Brazilian hammock. Usually they are now simply hemmed for cost-saving reasons, but we want to preserve as much as possible the character of the original brazlian hammock. Moreover, in doing so, we support the women, who have made this specialty theirs, and that gives them an additional income. And our macrame weavers are really good and in our opinion are among the best in Brazil.

Lots of comfort

Our Brazilian hammock is available in different sizes. We have them in sizes Medium (without macrame), Large, XL and Gigante. The Large, XL and Gigante are suitable for 1 or 2 people, but the choice depends on the length of the person (s) in question and their weight. Width and load capacity are indicated in each hammock. We always assume that one must be able to lie diagonally in a hammock, so the width always plays a role. The Gigante, great for people taller than 190cm, has a load capacity of up to 300kg! So you can also enjoy with two, or maybe three, lie in it and is also called the family hammock, because you can lounge with the whole family.

For outdoor and indoor use

You can hang your Brazilian hammock not only indoors, but also outdoors. The strong cotton of which our hammocks are made can take quite a beating. Do you think it is important that the this matches your garden furniture? We understand that. Therefore, we have hammocks in different colors and finishes in our range. As a result, there is always a hammock that fits your needs perfectly!

Brazilian quality hammock

Marañon has been producing Brazilian hammocks of the highest quality for decades. All our products are carefully produced and finished, so you are assured of a hammock that lies comfortably and lasts a long time. And all of our brazilian macrame hammocks come with a 3 year warranty. But with proper use, it will provide many more years of enjoyment. 15 to 20 years is the rule rather than the exception.