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Showing 1–18 of 43 results

Buying a Hammock? With ‘Maranon’ Hammocks you are at the right place.

Are you a real outdoor person? And do you enjoy sitting in your garden or balcony and enjoy the sun? Then a hammock from ‘Maranon’ is ideal for you! A hammock is perfect to lounge in and to chill after a hard days work. A hammock is easily suspendable and beneficial for your health. South Americans have been loving and using these products for many generations. Therefor pick your ‘Maranon’ hammock today!

Would you like to use your hammock the whole year? You can also enjoy our hammocks indoors. Suspend one in your living or bedroom between walls or from the ceiling. When you don’t use the hammock it they are easily foldable and you will be able to free up your space again. This makes hammocks also ideal instead of a quest bed. For suspending a hammock in the home different suspension options are available from our store.

We always stock a large hammock collection.

‘Maranon’ has different types of hammock. It is possible to choose from many different designs, colours and sizes. Did you know a hammock can not only be used with up to 2 people, but can also fit a family? Have a browse between our double and family hammocks. Prefer to relax by yourself? Of course we also supply a wide range of single hammocks. Besides the amount of people being able to use a hammock, your height is also of importance to consider when choosing the right hammock. Are you taller then 180 cm (6feet) we advise a XL hammock, from 170cm to 180cm a Large hammock anyone shorter can comfortably lye in a medium hammock. The colour of your hammock is also of importance when making your choice. A rainbow hammock can brighten your garden, while a blue hammock can bring more serenity. ‘Maranon’ has a wide range of colours and patterns available and you will be able to find something according to your taste and fitting within your garden design.

High quality South-American hammocks.

Do you know what is so special about our hammocks? We are having the hammocks produced by real craftsmen in South America since 1981. This warrants a high quality and you will receive a 3 year warranty on your bought hammock. If you have visited South America we can imagine you would like to buy a hammock from our Brazilian, Mexican or Colombian collection. Buying one of these hammock is like bringing a bit of Brazil, Colombia or Mexico into your home. All this for the best price possible.

‘Maranon’: the quality hammock shop.

At ‘Maranon’ we sell a a wide range of different hammocks. You will certainly be able to find one that fits your taste. You can browse our collection online or visit our mega-store in Aalsmeer. Here you can view and test our hammocks. If your are in doubt of what hammock would suit you best, please contact us. One of our employees will be happy to assist you.