Hangmat Rainbow Large Basic #2 with adjustable stand


Stable, adjustable hammock stand that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Comes with the ‘Rainbow Large 2# Basic’. Two wheels on one side of the stand ensure that it is easy to move. With its bearing capacity of 150kg and width of 165cm also suitable for 2 lighter persons. This stand is suitable for use with all our Large hammocks. The hammocks from the ‘Rainbow’ Series have been our best selling hammocks for years.

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Our adjustable hammock stand with our popular ‘Rainbow’ hammock design. The ‘Havana brown’ universal stand can be adjusted to different lengths and heights and is therefore suitable for all our Large hammocks. Two wheels on one side of the stand make it easy to move. Due to its weight capacity of 150 kg, also suitable for 2 not too heavy persons. The longest parts disassembled are no longer than 80cm, making the support easy to store during winter and can be carried within the caravan or a car.

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