Mosquito net

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Showing all 2 results

High quality Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are not only suitable to keep mosquito’s and other bugs at a distance, but can also be used for decorative purposes in the bedroom. Mosquito nets consist of a fine woven net were no mosquitos or other insects can pass through. In our assortment you will fine many types of mosquito nets that are made from natural materials. The mosquito nets from cotton have a natural look en are soft to touch. Mosquito nets from cotton are the preferred choise if you do not want to create a electro magnetic field in the room. As can be the case with synthetic mosquito nets.

Design of the mosquito nets

Most people think that mosquito nets have one standard shape, but less is true. We stock a large collection of mosquito nets in different colours and designs. Varying from round shaped mosquito nets to square shaped mosquito nets. Our assortment contains mosquito nets for single beds up to large nets suitable for king size beds. We have mosquito nets available for order in many types, colours and sizes.

Suspension of a mosquito net

Mosquito nets can be suspended in different ways, like on a canopy bed or by rings and hooks attached to the ceiling. It is also possible to suspend two cords between walls with on one side a cord tensioner. The mosquito net can then be connected to the cords. If you do not posses a canopy bed and do not want to drill holes in the walls or ceiling, we have a mosquito net available that consist of a tube construction with special feet. The mosquito net can then be placed around the bed. This type of mosquito net is also ideal to take on a holiday and easily foldable.

Mosquito net for a hammock

During summer it is great to be able to relax outside in a hammock, but not when being interrupted by insects all the time. If you want to enjoy your relaxing time uninterrupted then a mosquito net for a hammock is a great solution.. In our assortment of mosquito nets you will find a mosquito net for hammocks, that is also light enough to take on your travels. The mosquito net for a hammock can be used on all our hammocks up to the size Large and is available in the colour white. If your are looking for a solution to keep the insects ouside then the mosquito net for a hammock is the perfect solution.